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It’s time to put some balance into practice.

Last weekend I told you about how great it was to connect with friendsagain. And while it was so much fun to be around people, this weekend is looking a bit different.

Perhaps it’s the rainy New York weather that has me feeling less eager to be outdoors. Or maybe my social battery is just not used to so much interaction yet. Either way, this weekend feels like the perfect time to relax and take some time for myself.

That doesn’t mean I’ll stay inside all weekend, but I think it’s important to listen to your body when it tells you it’s time to rest.

I’m planning to recharge with the latest season of “Atypical” and get some reading done.

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Your feel-good story for the week

How Tom and Rachel Sullivan became viral stars with North Carolina State sophomore Kevin Gallagher is one of those small-world moments, writes my colleague Jordan Mendoza.

Rachel, 28, and her husband, Tom, 34, relocated to North Carolina, where she previously went school. Tom was at the gym when he ran into Gallagher, the son of a neighbor friend Rachel made in college.

Rachel, who was active on TikTok, posted a video of “Kevin the college kid” coming over for food. The video now has over 13 million views, with multiple commenters asking whether they could be like Gallagher.

“All these other kids were like, ‘Oh my God, can we be adopted?’” Rachel Sullivan said.

The idea of taking in more kids wasn’t crazy to them; it resulted in the Sullivans starting their own meals-to-go program where they now make meals that fit Rachel’s diet, for over 100 nearby college students.

Read the full story here.

Rachel and Tom Sullivan.

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